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    “My Home Sweet Home in the Heart of Paris”
    rue de l'Hôtel Colbert


    A charming, quiet and elegant apartment  in the Latin quarter, close to the Seine river and “Notre-Dame de Paris", “l’Île Saint-Louis” and “Saint-Germain des Prés”. This “left bank apartment” is strategically located in the center of Paris..
    With its windows overlooking a peaceful inner garden, which is extremely rare in Paris, it offers an elegant, refined, cozy and quiet setting in which to rest after a day of busy activities.
    Nearby are the most famous monuments and museums of Paris; this is the place to be for the cultural life, with so many restaurants, bistros, terraces and boutiques; the place to be for the Parisian life, and with a quiet and secure environment; the place to stay and rest between two visits ....
    It will be perfect for a couple on holidays or long professional stay, but it may as well welcome comfortably 4 persons for a short stay (one week).
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